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FlipFactory ProHD adds transcoding support for HD and MXF, including leading HD media servers, HD edit systems. ProHD automatically monitors systems folders, accepts 1080i, 1080p or 720p HD files and delivers them to destination systems. Exclusive MotionResolve technology up converts compressed SD interlaced content to superior quality 1080i and 720p HD output.

Universal File Transfer
- Seamless media/metadata transfer between leading broadcast servers, NLEs, cable VOD servers, web servers, SANs & more

Extensive Transcoding Format Support
- The industry's broadest and deepest video and audio file format support

Best-in-Class Factory Automation
- Hands-free processing; simply set rules for where to look for source files, what to do with them, and where to deliver them

Repurpose Content for New Revenues
- Automatically transform content for evolving distribution outlets: web, mobile, IPTV, Cable VOD

Features & Benefits: FlipFactory New Media transcoders

Extensive transcoding support
Automatically transcodes from virtually any source format, including broadcast servers and NLEs, to an equally broad range of output formats

Automates content repurposing
Accepts source media and metadata from content providers, transcodes and delivers media and metadata to distribution/aggregator servers

Encodes and delivers faster than real time
Fast, efficient batch encoding and delivery saves you time and money

Folder monitoring simplifies submission of source media
Automatically monitors local, network, ClipMail and FTP video folders for arrival of new media, then automatically submits media to an associated factory. New Media Broadcast adds monitoring for broadcast servers. Save media directly to folders for automatic submission to a factory or simply drag/drop media into a factory.

Best in class Factory automation
Hands-free processing; simply set rules for where to look for source files, what to do with them, and where to deliver them

Consistent, scalable, reliable
Set up factories once for consistent, high-quality output results every time; scale across multiple servers; add 24/7 reliability for critical workflows

Integrates with asset management systems
Automates ingest and transcoding for leading asset management systems

Clip trimming
Trim media files of unwanted bumpers and trailers - simple user interface allows for frame accurate trimming of all input formats

Transcode while capturing
Speeds throughput by allowing transcoding to begin while a file is being received from Pipeline.

Video & audio preprocessing support
Media processing enhanced with: mask filter for automatic conversion to 16:9, 14:9 or custom masked frames, a frame mode filter for controlling input video field/frame detection, audio level analysis with waveform generator, inverse telecine, automatic software updater, ability to re-submit jobs making restarts easy, audio/video fade in/out, hue rotation, saturation, sharpen, blur and RGB color rescale; audio channel mixing of up to 32 audio channels.

Overlays can be added anywhere in the picture
Embed a overlay such as a visible watermark into your video to protect your assets. Supports many image file formats including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, LBM, PCX, PNG, PPM, TARGA, TIFF, and WBMP

Powerful SDK enables seamless integration with user-provided plug-ins.

Mac and Windows client support
In addition to Windows, the FlipFactory user interface runs on Apple Mac OS X operating system and Safari Web browser, providing convenient desktop access to media files for Mac users

FlipFactory ProHD adds:

Simplifies media transcoding to HD formats
Automatic transcoding of multi-format SD/HD source media to HD formats: 1080i, 1080p or 720p

Superior HD up-conversion with MotionResolve™
Unique 2-step process dramatically improves interlaced-to-interlaced and interlaced-to-progressive conversions on a per-pixel basis by intelligently detecting and including/excluding motion across fields and provides superior standards conversion quality, e.g. NTSC to PAL

Seamless workflow integration
Automatically transfers HD files to leading broadcast and cable VOD servers

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