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In video, focus is critical. Catalyst Edit focuses on 4K, Sony RAW, and HD video editing so you can focus on your creativity. Deliver your most stunning video productions in all the glory you captured through your lens. You've dreamed it. You've shot it. Now cut it.

Your super-detailed 4K footage is amazing. Your wide color gamut, high-dynamic-range colors are stunning. Still, you won't get many people to watch until you cut it all together. The timeline cutting tools in Catalyst Edit concentrate on doing one thing really, really well: they help you make your video edit look as great as the content you shot.

You captured all the detail. Now you can craft it into your story.
4K acquisition captures the amazing detail of your scene like never before possible. Sony RAW and XAVC embrace the wide color gamut and high dynamic range your camera captures and lay it right there for you to use. Catalyst Edit lets you use it.

Improved editing
Split audio from video, create nested timelines, group select and edit.

Ripple edits
Make edits to your project with full confidence that edits you've made later in the timeline ripple to preserve the work you've already done.

Dual app workflow
Use the Windows auto resize feature or the new split view in Mac OS X to take advantage of drag and drop from Catalyst Prepare to Catalyst Edit.

OpenFX plug-ins
Add keyframeable video effects to clips, tracks, and any timeline in your project.

Hover scrub
Fluid hover scrub makes seeking through clips in the Media Browser super-fast. Mark in and out points so you can quickly add just the material you need to get on with your edit.

Audio envelopes
Use Audio envelopes to automate your audio mix.

Notable fixes/changes in version 2017.2
Added high-quality deinterlacing and upscaling to convert SD and HD sources to modern progressive HD and UHD assets. High-quality deinterlacing and upscaling are available when you select a video processing device other than your CPU in the application settings dialog.
High-quality deinterlacing is applied to interlaced source media when playback is paused and during transcoding.
High-quality upscaling is applied during playback when the timeline resolution is set to an HD or UHD resolution and during transcoding when you choose an HD or UHD render preset.
Added support for multi-input OpenFX video effects.
When you're editing video effects, a control point is displayed in the video preview when you select a position parameter in the Inspector. You can adjust the parameter's position by dragging the control point in the video preview or the Inspector.
Added an Overlay toggle control to the Inspector to allow you to show or hide a plug-in's interactive overlay controls in the video preview (when available).
Added support for using Final Cut Pro X keyboard shortcuts.
The Relink Project Media dialog now fully supports media from Catalyst Prepare libraries.
Improved playback performance for XDCAM and XAVC clips when using a system without a dedicated OpenCL GPU.
Fixed a bug that could cause the application to crash when opening some OpenEXR clips.
Fixed a bug that could cause audio synchronization issues during playback in some cases.
Fixed a bug that could cause blank video and audio streams to be rendered when transcoding MPEG source clips.
Fixed a bug that could cause the Marker popup to open inconsistently when selecting markers on the timeline.
Fixed a bug that could prevent the cursor from snapping to the play cursor when trimming near the edges of events.
Fixed a bug that could allow the split bar to move unpredictably when using split-screen previews and zooming on the video preview.
Fixed a bug that could cause playback to hang during looped playback.

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Apple's iMovie has been the longest among consumer video editors. It's all bundled with the new Mac and boasts serious practicality for daily users. The latest version of this software allows you to import and edit 4K video clips from a variety of external devices such as smartphones and GoPro cameras and enjoy an attractive and navigable clean interface. It will be even more convenient if you start editing on iPhone or iPad and you can edit on Mac. Apart from video, you can also incorporate images and audio into your project simply by dragging the desired multimedia into the project area and placing it like a timeline. The created video can be previewed in real time at any time before exporting the file directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other rich platforms, and you can preview the themes, texts, music, voice-over and other effects at any time. Recent other features include basic audio editor, the option to create a preview of the application you have developed, and the ability to complete your own movie trailer with transitions and end credits. Although this is not attractive in terms of video editing, it is perfect for home videos and minor projects. Consider combining with free recording software!