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Next Limit has released RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0.1, the latest version of its fluid simulation software for Cinema 4D, adding support for granular, viscous and viscoelastic materials, and interacting fluids.

Release Notes

- RFCFD-549 - Better behavior when fluids with different surface tension coefficients interact.
- RFCFD-543 - New 'Compute Vorticity' parameter for fluids to compute it only on demand.
- RFCFD-536 - From now on it is possible to use Team Render without installing a RealFlow | Cinema 4D license in the render nodes/clients.


- RFCFD-351 - Array Tool: Parameters can't be animated for meshes.
- RFCFD-517 - Initial State files created in RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 are not compatible with 2.0 version due to the switch from RPC to Alembic.
- RFCFD-356 - When using a multi-segment spline with the spline emitter node the \"Prev\" and \"Next\" buttons only iterate through the control points on the current segment.
- RFCFD-358 - File paths can't have unicode characters on Mac OS X.
- RFCFD-519 - Simulation steps configuration from RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 scenes is reset to Auto mode when opened in 2.0 version.
- RFCFD-469 - Simulation look on render may differ between multiple simulation/renders unless caching is enabled.
- RFCFD-486 - Objects deformed with Rigid, Elastic and Particle Skinner only support motion blur when using the Point Cache tag.
- RFCFD-499 - Particle render instances are not rendered/recognized by NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-500 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-501 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with Maxwell Render.
- RFCFD-530 - Particle render instances original objects remain visible during render.

Fixed Bugs

- RFCFD-531 - GPU simulation crashes if TurbulenceFD plugin is installed and user has multiple NVIDIA graphic cards.
- RFCFD-548 - Plugin crashes when two SPH fluids with and without surface tension interact when GPU is enabled.
- RFCFD-538 - Surface Offset parameter of Fill Emitter sometimes is ignored if previous value was smaller.
- RFCFD-524 - Surface Offset parameter of Volume tag is ignored for Fill Emitter.
- RFCFD-547 - Duplicating and linking a Magic daemon to a Fluid and then removing the link to the Fluid crashes when simulating afterwards.
- RFCFD-544 - Surface tension in the Crown daemon is not working when the GPU is enabled.
- RFCFD-550 - Linking a second k Isolated daemon to a fluid and then removing the connection makes the other k Isolated daemon stop working.
Thinking Particles
- RFCFD-528 - Creating Thinking Particles groups for Fluids with the same name may lead to unexpected behaviour.
- RFCFD-534 - Sending a job to Render Queue crashes Cinema 4D.
- RFCFD-552 - Cinema 4D crashes if you try to render with Octane a cached scene that contains a Gravity with some parameter animated.
- RFCFD-542 - It is possible to enable GPU simulation even if it is not supported for the current computer.

Known Bugs

- RFCFD-522 - Emitter ID value is not preserved on scene reopening.
- RFCFD-349 - If two different Fluid nodes are linked to the same Emitter node particles get created continuously only in the first linked Fluid.
- RFCFD-354 - If a segment is removed the configuration of the circles of the other segments is reset.
- RFCFD-353 - Undo/Redo is not working when a control point is added.
- RFCFD-200 - Split parameter does not work for k Age and k Speed daemons.
- RFCFD-551 - Having two or more k Isolated daemons linked to the same fluid makes the isolation value grow as many times as the number of k Isolated linked daemons.

About RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0. Next Limit RealFlow is one of the industry standards for simulating fluids in 3D graphics. Version 2.0 offers improved integration in Cinema 4D and optimized connectivity to MoGraph, Hair and the Take System. The new version also supports the simulation of granular, viscose, solid and elastic materials.
New RealFlow features like the interaction of various fluids in a simulation are now also available in Cienema 4D. The software's speed has also been improved and calculation on the GPU is up to 8 times faster than on the CPU. Realflow | Cinema 4D users now benefit from an even faster and easier workflow while working with the familiar Cinema 4D interface.

About Next Limit Technologies. Next Limit Technologies provides cutting-edge simulation technologies for a broad range of applications in computer graphics, science and engineering. Next Limits products include \"RealFlow\" (comprehensive toolkit for fluid and physical dynamics simulation for visual effects industries), \"Maxwell Render\" (physically correct light simulation and render engine), and “XFlow” (new computational fluid dynamics software for engineering applications). All products have been developed using proprietary technology, are available for multiple platforms, and connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD markets.

Product: NextLimit RealFlow | Cinema 4D
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and higher / OS X 10.9 or higher
Software Prerequisites: Cinema 4D R15 and above

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