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CINEMA 4D R16 is a new generation of applications, leading in its field of 3D animation design, visual effects, painting and rendering. With the new character animation, integrated stereographic properties, the possibility of interaction of several artists (designers) and the physical rendering, CINEMA 4D R16, based on 25 years of experience to the company, allows 3D-artists (designers) around the world quickly and simply create the most attractive content for any industry.

CINEMA 4D Studio has all the necessary tools to take on even the most complex projects:
- Modeling. CINEMA 4D Studio can import and export files in various formats, ensuring compatibility with virtually all third-party products. Tools for modeling allows you to work with parametric and polygonal objects, segmented surfaces and all types of deformers and modifiers. Nonlinear modeling in CINEMA 4D allows at any time to modify parametric objects and thus provides an easy and fast workflow.
- Materials and textures. CINEMA 4D offers all standard and advanced options for creating the perfect surface for your models. Materials have 14 different channels, and you can even customize them for specific needs (e.g. game engines). Use as a texture image or video, or advanced shaders, such as Subsurface scattering or backlight. To achieve texturing CINEMA 4D offers you an outstanding set of tools for 3D drawing.
- Animation. When it comes to animation, CINEMA 4D Studio - master of all trades. Of course, it contains all the standard animation tools that you would expect from a professional 3D packages. But CINEMA 4D Studio can offer so much more. Advanced tools for character animation, the new dynamics of rigid and soft bodies, cloth simulation, event-driven particle system, cloning tools, effectors and even tools Hair, creating a living, flowing hair in the wind.
- Lighting. CINEMA 4D Studio offers an abundance of opportunities for lighting your scene. A variety of standard light sources and types of shadows, included in the package, you can configure using the countless options, starting with impairments lighting and to surround the light from the lens effects to lists of inclusion and exclusion.

The most important thing in CINEMA 4D R16:
- Brand new speaker: CINEMA 4D now has a comprehensive and easy-to-use rigid body dynamics system based on the production-proven Bullet engine. Rigid body, soft body and numerous opportunities to connect objects between the connectors, also unique, as is the option to change the shape of objects by air pressure.
- Linear process: setting up a linear workflow in CINEMA 4D R16 possible with just one click. Thus, the lighting and the colors will be wrong naturally and with fewer light sources, and a lower quality setting - as a result you will get better images with less effort.
- Color profiles: the Program now fully supports color profiles. This holds for the shaders and textures on the one hand and to the output on the monitor, and the rendering on the other.
- Light sources IES: data light sources IES can recreate natural lighting of lamps of different manufacturers. Also supported photometric light, such as lumens, Candela and color temperature.
- Manager rendering: Rendering multiple scenes in a row now seems much more convenient. You can later choose a different camera and render settings and check the thumbnail of the active image.
- Image Manager: Multilateral Manager of the images received in this version has more features. The histogram display, the navigation for large images and full screen animation.
- New tools to create characters: Inverse kinematics has now dynamic properties. CINEMA 4D Studio provides a new, highly productive tool PoseMorph for mixing different functions.
- New deformers: Also new are different deformers, which can be used for modeling and animation. They provide new ways of bringing objects to the form.
- These units: 4D now supports these units. With their help, the objects can be used in other scenes in the correct scale.
- Python: Python programming Language is now fully supported and allows users to expand CINEMA 4D additional functions and scripts.
- Plus: In this version you will find many other new features. So for example, double precision, dual transforms, support OpenGL3, new shaders for architecture, L-system for parametric splines, and many other innovations.

A new line of MAXON products:
Redesigned product line CINEMA 4D R16 contains unique packages that were collected specifically for the needs of various industries, as well as update MAXON BodyPaint 3D, top-notch programs for 3D drawing.
- CINEMA 4D Prime. Here begins the professional 3D graphics. This package provides all the basic functions for modeling, animation and rendering. In the 15th version adds features such as ambient occlusion and many deformers, which until then were only in modules MOCCA and MoGraph.
- CINEMA 4D Broadcast. Powerful package of three-dimensional animation DIZAINAS instrumentation Prime added numerous tools for creating motion graphics. Functions previously available MoGraph module is included as well as global illumination, rendering, and extensive library of objects, materials and workpieces.
- CINEMA 4D Visualize. The professional solution for architects and designers. Instrumentation Prime added various functions for visualization. CINEMA 4D Visualize provides all the functionality previously available Architecture and Engineering and is the perfect tool for architects, designers and all those who need to visualize the products for any purpose.
- CINEMA 4D Studio. That's all you need for professional 3D. In short - version Studio includes everything. All functions that MAXON can offer are first class package. Even previously separately available libraries are now in service delivery.
- BodyPaint 3D R16. Everything you need to draw in 3D. When you want top-notch texturing, BodyPaint 3D has a great tool handle UV and texturing is exactly what you need. New version R16 supports color profiles and baking the ambient occlusion texture. Through Cineman you can use Divjak rendering compatible with Renderman, for example to preview objects.

CINEMA 4D R16 provides outstanding improvements in many aspects of the workflow, from creating text and modeling to significant optimizations in the rendering and entirely new system of rendering over the network. R16 contains much more than just new features - this version demonstrates continuing progress as a direct answer to your desires. As MAXON continues to create new features and extend existing tools, the focus is always on providing exceptional stability and performance, unparalleled integration and a simple, efficient and flexible interface.
- A new dimension in the visualization! Enjoy faster and better visualization in CINEMA 4D R16. Expand the level of photo-realism of your images by using new methods of global illumination. Quickly calculate images and animations with Team Render, a completely new tool for rendering over a network. It is easy to configure and manage all of this without leaving the CINEMA 4D interface.
- Perhaps the most powerful tool for creating chamfers. Cut corners without compromise using a brand new tool \"Chamfer\" in CINEMA 4D R16. Interactively remove a facet of points, edges and polygons in the viewport and create a clean, high-quality models using a variety of options for creating the topology. Process model is optimized tool \"Slip\", which supports the cycles of many faces.
- The chosen instrument of professionals three-dimensional typography. Get advanced level of control over the typography in the objects Mtext and spline Text, interactive kerning individual characters in the viewport. Adjust kerning, tracking, baseline shift and scale with three-dimensional text, which you can always edit and animate, for example, through the MoGraph effectors.
- Sculpting - serial development. Create graceful sculptures and easily change the topology in CINEMA 4D Studio R16. Use the powerful sculpting tools directly on polygonal objects, create mirror copies of strokes and project a new model on sculptural objects. The system sculpting CINEMA 4D continues to grow and becomes more powerful and flexible, providing a simple solution for editing models quickly, intuitively and without switching to another program.
- Efficient workflow, how to order. Improve workflow everywhere in CINEMA 4D R16 will increase the effectiveness of your actions. Deformers automatically adapt to the size of the object, one click and the grass has grown, easily manage textures and animate camera crane with precision Hollywood installations. CINEMA 4D R16 will allow you to work easier and simpler, allowing you to spend more time on creative tasks.

New Maxon CINEMA 4D R16:
- Animation. The motion tracker is a Simple integration of three-dimensional elements in the shot on the camera material. Tag \"Interaction\" - gives users full control over three-dimensional objects and uses the configuration mode, which transmits motion information and the marking of the object.
- Modeling. \"Poly-pencil - drawing polygons and move, clone, cut, and join the points and edges of three-dimensional models.
- Deformer \"Chamfer\" - Now option chamfer can be animated and to create them non-destructively. Sculpting - Numerous optimization and dynamic effects for even greater precision. Other features - Completely redesigned object \"Gear\"; function \"Test frame\"; options weakening for deformers, as well as improved UV covers.
- Visualization. Channel \"Reflection\" - allows more precise control over the reflection and gloss within a single channel material, and create multiple layers for realization of complex surfaces. Engine Bi-Render - New engine traceroute rays for effects hair and Sketch&Toon in a single pass.
- Server Team Render - Extra architecture client-server for Team Render is designed for control tasks miscalculation through the web interface.
- Productivity and workflow. Cinema 4D R16 contains new and enhanced functions and performance of the workflow, such as fully updated library materials and facilities, support for updated versions of data interchange formats FBX and Alembic, a new feature \"Solo\" to isolate individual objects, functions, comments, new UV Peeler\" and many other improvements.

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic

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