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Year of Publication: 2003
Author: Fergus Daly, Garin Dowd
Genre or theme: cinema
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 978-0-7190-6315-2
Series: French film directors
English language
Format: PDF / LaTeX
Interactive table of contents: Yes
Number of Pages: 200 (461)

The first book in any language to study the films of this enfant terrible of contemporary French cinema, best known for his film Les Amants du Pont Neuf. Examines key ingredients in the worlds of Carax's films - Paris, pop music, 'flânerie' and 'amour fou', 'mannerist' and 'neo-baroque' aesthetics, the Nouvelle Vague and contemporary 'naturalist' cinema - making the book a good primer of contemporary French film and culture. Draws on a variety of intellectual sources, such as the philosophy of Deleuze, film criticism, theory of art, and literary monographs. Argues that the recent history of maverick mannerist and baroque auteurs, from Ruiz & Rivette to Garrel and Techine, and their explorations of the 'powers of the false' are key to Carax's cinema. Examines Carax's contribution to the strand of cinema which is focused on chance and destiny, from Wong Kar-Wai and David Lynch to films such as Serendipity and Sliding doors.

Series editors' foreword
Introduction: genesis of Carax’s system
Some biographical co-ordinates
A band apart: Carax as auteur
First times and debuts
Cahiers and criticism as a way of making films
A note on methodology
Cinematic and non-cinematic intertexts: music, tableaux parisiens, Melville
Carax as visionary
Boy Meets Girl, Mauvais Sang and the nouvelle vague inheritance
Boy Meets Girl (synopsis)
Mauvais Sang (The Night is Young) (synopsis)
A band apart?
Body double
Mannerism and the neo-baroque
The Baroque and the neo-baroque
Four fundamental principles of the Baroque
The Baroque is reason’s other
Boundaries dissolve
Gesture and decor
Taedium vitae
Carax’s cradle
The virtuality of artifice
Sun goddess, moon goddess
Image mon beau souci
Crack’d auteur
Do images communicate?
A tale told by a fool
So when this loose behaviour I throw off
How it feels when the universe reels
Le casting
Observations on key sequences
Boy Meets Girl: the intercom sequence
Boy Meets Girl: Alex/Mireille in the kitchen
Mauvais Sang: modern love
Mauvais Sang: the death scene
Feux d’artifice: Les Amants du Pont-Neuf and the spectacle of vagrancy
The troubled production
The Nanterre sequence
Chance and non-derived images
Observations on key scenes
The fire-eating scene
The parade montage sequence
The passing bateau mouche scene
The Baroque economy of les feux d’artifice
Corporeal resistors in the circuitry of desire
Milieu, centre and totality
Espace quelconque
France, commodity culture and the bridge as radio dial
Margins, centre and locus/co-ordinates
Visions, the excessive, emergencies
Soundtrack, vision-track
The lives, death and afterlife of Alex
Pola X, or Carax’s ambiguities
Pola X: le siecle est detraque
Naturalism ? 3 in the thought of Deleuze
Analysis of key scenes
Total fusion
Pierre, or The Ambiguities
Select bibliography
Selected interviews with Leos Carax
Selected articles in journals, chapters in books and sections of books

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