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CINEMA CRAFT Encoder SP3 (CCE-SP3. is a MPEG2 software encoder that
enables you to create the ultimate level of picture quality at high
speed. There is a growing need for much higher picture quality in
DVD production industry. In addition to CCE-SP2, CCE-SP3 includes
\"Cinema CRAFT Xtream\" (CCX) encode engine that is highly rated by
many compressionists around the world and has been utilised to
create a considerable number of DVD titles.

Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 is a highest performance MPEG-2 encoder
designed and optimized mainly for DVD. Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 is
a software-based encoder, and highly utilizes processors for the
fastest encoding. It also implements highly intelligent and
complicated algorithms to achieve the highest quality, which gives
a great advantage over hardware encoders. See the following features
for more detail. Some of them are totally innovative and unique
technologies of Cinema Craft Encoder SP3.

* Sophisticated Motion Estimation
* Automatic Field-based Scene Change Detection
* AAGS: Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure
* AAQM: Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix
* VMPE: Virtual Multipass Encoding
* Multipass encoding
* Easy and flexible Inverse 3:2 Pulldown with i32 file

Encode engine enabling high picture quality CCE-SP3 includes Virtual
Multi-Pass Encoding ,Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix and Advanced
Adaptive GOP Structure. The latter features can automatically optimize
for the best quantize matrix and GOP structure for each GOP

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