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Transformer Oil Regeneration System

All high capacity transformers in use today have to cope with voltages in excess of 400 kV. Therefore it becomes imperative to maintain optimal insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gases, particulative contamination and acidity. Transformer oil deteriorates with time and the decay begins the moment the transformer oil is shipped from manufacturer's factory. High temperatures, the presence of oxygen and water, the catalytic action of the materials within the transformer, all combine to result in oxidation and cracking of the transformer oil. The by-products of this oxidative process are acidic in nature which results in an ever increasing rate of deterioration of the transformer and its oil.

This type of contaminated oil can be reused if the oxidized products are completely eliminated. It cannot be filtered through normal thermo- vacuum filtration process and hence has to be discarded or can be re-used using the regeneration technique developed by us.

Transformer oil when properly maintained can give practically unlimited extension of life. Only a limited percentage of the crude available is used for conversion to transformer oil. Hence it is our responsibility to preserve the life of the most precious asset in today's world – "Oil".

Parameter Unit Before Regen After Regen
Appearance   Cloudy Brown Sparkling, clear and transparent
Colour   5 0.5
Breakdown Voltage kV 15 70
Gas content % 10 0.1
Interfacial Tension @27° c N/m 0.02 0.04
Neutralisation value mg KOH/g oil 0.5 0.03
Resistivity @ 27° c ohm-cm 1.0x10¹² 1500x10¹²
Resistivity @ 90° c
0.1x10¹² 35x10¹²
Tan delta @ 90° c   1.0 0.02
Water content ppm 200 5