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Lube Oil Regeneration System

It is a well known fact that different types and grades of oils like engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil etc. used by various sectors gets contaminated during the course of time due to different factors. As a standard practice in many organizations, these oils are discarded and replaced with new oil during regular / periodic maintenance. If the carbon content present in these oils are removed by distillation process, then it is called as distilled lube oil (base oil). However such oils have a stinking odour and are brown in colour.

Fowler Westrup has designed an advanced machine that removes the odour from the distilled lube oil, apart from a drastic improvement in colour. This machine serves as an economical alternative to hydrogen treatment/clay processing plants and is extremely cost effective.
Processing the distilled lube oil through our regeneration system results in oil that is stable against oxidation over any measured timescale. This increase in shelf life is an added benefit compared to the existing clay polishing system. Furthermore the viscosity index is not degraded due to passing of oil in our regeneration system.

Parameter Unit Before Regen (Distilled used oil) After Regen
Appearance   Cloudy Brown Sparkling, clear and transparent
Colour   4.0 0.5
Odour Smell Stinking Odourless