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Mono chromatic rice sorter

The SNAPSHOT sorter is an intelligent precise rice sorter which uses a robust 2048 pixel high-speed line scan CCD camera combined with an image processor, fully trainable to suit needs through a refined color training process for flawless elimination of unwanted material.

The product is loaded through the top in feed hoppers and then passes through vibrators which send an even stream of the product down the plain chutes monitored by cameras which send data in real time to the processor which compares the product with the color trained template and rejects the unwanted material by blowing them away through pneumatically controlled ejectors nozzles to reject bin and the accepted material passed on to the accept bin. The second set of grooved chutes does a second run of the reject and reclaims and remaining good material. The accept and reject are the best in the industry.


  • Wide range models up to 10 chutes
  • High definition 6144-pixel color CCD camera image acquisition system
  • Snapshot processors for high precision sorting.
  • Fit & Forget operation
  • Precise rejection through high-speed serviceable ejectors
  • Easy setup through interactive touchscreen
  • Best rejected ratio
  • Simultaneous removal of chalky rice without a reduction in throughput.
  • 24x7 support
  • Excellent Service network across India

 Technical Specification:

Channels 192 NO’S 252 No's 256 No's 380 No's
*Capacity( Input) Up to 2TPH Up to 4TPH Up to 5TPH Up to 7 TPH
Final Rejects Rice – Black, Tip Defects, Dark Orange, Light Orange, Pale Yellow, Paddy & Chalky etc.
Rice – Black, Tip Defects, Dark Orange, Light Orange, Pale Yellow, Paddy & Chalky etc.
Machine Dimension
( W x D x H ) in mm
1900 x 2880 x 2060 1900 x 2880 x 2060 1900 x 2880 x 2060 2655 x 2845 x 2060
Nett weight in Kgs 1500 1600 1600 2000


  • In-house R&D facility recognized by DSIR Govt of India
  • Capacity varies according to the kind of materials, applications and initial contamination.
  • Higher capacity compressor may be necessary when the contamination is high
  • Condition : * 4% Input contamination Rice * M/c Input capacity 2TPH/4TPH/5TPH/7 TPH
  • Specifications mentioned above can change as per our new developments

*Results may vary based on lab trial condition with input contamination & variety of defects*

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