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Fowler Westrup CSP-1000 Destoner can be used for efficient removal of high-density particles such as stones, metals and glasses from the flow continuous product. The machine is performing successfully for different applications with our customers across the globe. 


Paddy, Paddy seeds, Rice, Broken Rice, Pepper, Wheat, Peanuts, Ragi, Black Pepper, Coriander, Bengal Gram, Soya Bean, Maize, Black Gram, Coffee & more…


Model Name :
Machine Dimensions (mm) Length (mm) 2070
Width  (mm) 1132
Height (mm) 2092
Net Weight (Kg) 425
Capacity (Tph) (On the basis of paddy) 10
Power(kW) 3


The CSP-1000 Destoner is closed circuit type and is of compact size - Saves Space.

The CSP-1000 works on a 4 HP built in motor to rotate eccentric shaft & fan shaft by single drive mechanism - Saves Power.

The CSP-1000 is having timer controlled discharge gate system - Saves Operations Cost.

The new CSP-1000 is highly accurate & needs only 3 minutes for discharge processing - Saves Time.