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Galvanized Silo Storage System

Fowler Westrup’s Agricultural Division designs & manufactures complete Galvanized Silo Storage system & handling System for grains such as paddy, wheat and maize, pulses, oil seeds, cereals, rice and feed & poultry industry etc. Fowler Westrup is manufacturing, install & commission the Galvanized silos in technical collaboration with world leader in this field, Silos Cordoba, Spain, who having vast experience in this field, over 25 years. Silos manufactured with Galvanized Steel of high elastic tolerance and with Z 450 minimum coating equivalent to 450mg/m2 of zinc on both sides. Galvanized reinforced exteriors, regardless of thickness, that provide excellent anti-corrosion qualities. We are the leading grain silo manufacturers in India.

Fowler Westrup manufactures post-harvest agricultural processing machinery like pre-cleaner, fine cleaner and material handling equipment like bucket elevators, conveyors (chain, belt, screw) in technical collaboration with Westrup A/s Denmark, who is leading company in this field of cleaning, grading & handling of agricultural commodities.

Important features of the Galvanized Silo Storage System

  • Scientific method of storage for food grain i.e. first in and first out of grain.
  • No wastages of gunny bags, bulk grain storage.
  • Require less space compared with same capacity of Godown Storage.
  • Mechanized handling of grain, require less manpower hence handling cost is less.
  • No spillage, no wastage due to rodents, insects, birds etc.
  • Quality of the stored grain is maintained by aerating the bulk grain.

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