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Galvanized Flat Bottom Silos

Galvanized Flat bottom silo’s capacity is ranging from 102 m³ to 20923 m³. The all components of the Silos are galvanized including supporting leg structure and circular ring beam.

The bottom of the silo is flat concrete base. These silos are used for storage of grains for longer period. These silos are cheaper than the hopper bottom type of silos for the same capacity.

This silo also equipped with accessories like level switches, aeration system, temperature monitoring device and discharge gates etc.

The silo is designed considering various conditions at site like heavy rain-falling area, humidity, cold, hot & earthquake etc i.e. for all seismic zone.

Features of Flat Bottom Silo
  • Silos manufactured with galvanized steel S350GD of high elastic tolerance and with Z450 minimum coating equivalent to 450 g/m2 of zinc.
  • 8,8 quality dichromate bolts in all of our product range.
  • Washers with neoprene to ensure a waterproof seal.
  • Galvanized reinforced exteriors, regardless of thickness, that provide excellent anti-corrosion qualities.
  • Galvanized cross section roof structure on models with a diameter superior to 12.22 meters.
  • Our method of calculating thickness is more demanding than that established by European standard DIN 1055 05/87.
  • Stairs and platforms comply with European standard Directive 89/654/CEE of November, 30.