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Modular Cleaners CC 1500

It excels at precision cleaning of all varieties of seed and grain as well as Pre-cleaning and sizing when very high efficiency standards are required. The machine is assembled with modular components to make a cleaner to suit very specific requirements.

The Great advantage of the modular system is that is also offers the capability of upgrading the machine according to future requirements. The feeding apparatus can be in construction with feed roll, with feed roll and straw band, with feed roll and one or two straw drums, with feeding augers and cleaning band, or with vibratory feeder. Pre-aspiration can be done in a channel with fixed or variable depth, in a chamber with standard air system or with air recirculation. Aspiration can also be done in a chamber with one, two or three waste augers.

Customized solutions for application like soya bean can be offered.

Technical Specification:

Technical DATA UOM CC 1500
Screen Length mm 1000
Screen Width mm 1500
Screen Width mm 1500
Screen Area 36.00
Motor, FAN hp 15.00
Motor, Seiveboat hp 3.00
Motor, Feeding Module hp 0.75
Motor, Aspiration Module hp 0.50
Air Volume 13500
Cyclone Dia mm 1850
Net Weight kg 8500
Screen Width mm 1500
No. of Rubber Balls / Ball Frame Each 140
No. of Screens Per Machine Each 24
No. of Rubber Balls / Machine Each 3360
Length of Bottom Frame mm 4125
Width of Bottom Frameh mm 1985
Machine Height without Fan mm 5080
Capacity* (on Wheat Basis) TPH UP TO 250