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Handling Equipment Bucket Elevator

EL- 15 / - 25 / -27 / -29 / -35

The EL elevator is suited for transportation of cereals, seeds, granular products, and similar materials; also suitable for oleaginous seeds

In standard construction, the EL elevators are delivered with the following features.

Standard height is 4.0 m.

The elevator contains a number of leg sections plus a head and boot piece with pipe connections between these.

One of the leg sections is fitted with access for belt mounting.

The elevator head has motor drive bracket.

The elevator boot has adjustment device for belt tensioning and cleanout door on both sides.

There is furthermore a plexiglass window for visual inspection.

The elevator belt is oil resistant type l EP 500/4.

All model elevator has a plastic buckets.

The elevator is with free shaft pin for mounting of motor/gearmotor, excl. motor/gearmotor.

The elevator is of steel construction with belt rolls of hard-wearing material.

  EL-15 EL-25 EL-27 EL-29 EL-35
Max. height 15 m 20 m 25 m 30 m 30 m
Belt width 100 mm 140 mm 200 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Belt speed 2.00 m/s 2.00 m/s 1.25 m/s 0.75 m/s 2.00 m/s