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Belt Conveyor- BT

The BT belt conveyor is very versatile and can be manufactured to many different designes tailor-made to suit specific requirements

Estimated capacity on wheat is up to 1400 t/h.

Length, width, belt quality, and output can be adapted to the product to be conveyed.

The conveyor can be supplied for either horizontal or for inclined applications.

The belt conveyor is available as an open or a totally enclosed unit offering maximum operation security and protection against dust, rain, or intense sunshine.

Top and bottom covers are supplied in sections and can be mounted either fixed or on hinges; bottom covers are available in closed plate or mesh design.

The belt conveyor is equipped with drive and tensioning rollers as well as a belt cleaning unit.

Belts longer than 40 m can also be supplied with a pneumatic or weightloaded system for automatic belt tensioning.

The belt conveyor can be driven by a direct drive geared motor unit or by a chain transmission.