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LAB Machines LA-LS/3

The Air Screen Seed Cleaner is a precision and fine cleaner for laboratory use as well as for small scale production in research stations, institutes etc. The LA-LS/3 can be used for batch and continuous flow separation and is very well suited for preparation of all seed types such as vegetable seed, grain, Oil seed, grass seed, clover seed etc., as well as for flower seed and spices.

Continuous cleaning capacity is up to 150 kg per hour on wheat.

Technical Specification:

Technical DATA UOM LA-LS/3
Screen Size mm 275 x 540
Motor, FAN hp 1
Motor, Seiveboat hp 0.5
Air Volume 1000
Cyclone Dia mm 300
No. of Rubber Balls / Ball Frame Each 56
No. of Rubber Balls / Machine Each 168
Length of Bottom Frame mm 1182
Width of Bottom Frame mm 932
Machine Height without Fan mm 2158
Capacity (on Wheat Basis) kg 100-150