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LAB Machines LA-KS

The LA-KS Destoner for laboratory use is designed to perform a grading in two fractions according to specific weight. It can also be used in research institute and laboratories but it is also suitable for small production plants.

Furthermore, it can be placed in a production line after a gravity separator for treatment of the heavy fraction being discharges from this Machine. The Destoner will separate the stones from the heaviest fraction coming from the gravity separator.

Continuous separation capacity is up to 75 kg per hour on wheat basis.

Technical Specification

Technical DATA UOM LA-KS
Deck Area 0.17
Motor, FAN hp 1
Motor hp 0.5
Air Volume 1000
Length of Bottom Frame mm 1115
Width of Bottom Frame mm 700
Machine Height mm 1366
Capacity* (on Wheat Basis) kg 100-150