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Indented Cylinder-TR

TR-620 / -625 / -630 / -725 / -730 / -930

The TR indented cylinder is constructed to be part of a modular system, this means that a quantity of indented cylinders can be so arranged to satisfy all demands to capacities and plant lay-out.

It also means that capacities in existing plants can be increased at any time by adding one or more cylinders.

Estimated capacity on wheat is up to 5 t/h for TR-620, up to 6 t/h for TR-625, up to 7 t/h for TR-630, upto 7.5 t/h for TR-725 and up to 10 t/h for TR-730 and up to 12 t/h for TR-930.

In standard construction, the TR machines are delivered with the following features.

The cylinder can be fitted with agitator, agitator with auger, or outlet brake.

The exchangeable mantle is twoparted with the dimension:
Ø 600 x 1910 mm for TR-620
Ø 600 x 2410 mm for TR-625
Ø 600 x 2910 mm for TR-630
Ø 700 x 2410 mm for TR-725
Ø 700 x 2910 mm for TR-730
Ø 900 x 2910 mm for TR-930.

The position of the trough is infinitely adjustable.

The machine is fitted with safety access doors on left and right side of the mantle.

The machine is complete with fixed speed drive and 1.1 /1.5 / 2.2 / 3.

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