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Gravity Separators GS

The Fowler Oliver Hi Cap Gravity Separator may be used to separate any type of dry bulk particles that are similar in size and shape but differs in weight. These Gravity separators offer many advantages over competing products. A rectangular deck for greater separation efficiency and accuracy. The lighter particles move entire length of the deck, producing the cleanest light and heavy product fractions available. The patented multiple fan system in individually adjustable, giving the necessary control through different air settings to accomplish the accurate weighing necessary. This unique and proven multiple fan system is only available on Oliver and Fowler Oliver Machines.

The Fowler Oliver Hi Cap Gravity Separator is the most flexible, reliable and versatile machine on the world market, and is designed for wheat, coffee, seeds, spices, sesame, groundnut and other products.

Technical Specification:
Technical DATA UOM GS 30 GS 50 GS 80 GS 160 GS 240
Deck Size mm 760x915 760x1525 915x1830 1065x2285 1200x3000
Motor, FAN hp 2 5 7.5 10 15
Net Weight kg 380 436 504 590 730
Length of Bottom Frame mm 1065 1930 2235 2692 3403
Width of Bottom Frame mm 1065 1168 1321 1473 1626
Machine Height mm 1674 1674 1674 1702 1753
Capacity (on Wheat Basis) Kg 30-50 300-600 600-1000 850-1600 1200-2250