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Fine-Cleaner UB-4


The Westrup UB/4 Fine Cleaner is especially used for fine cleaning and grading of light and heavy seeds, cereals, and granulated products. The machine can also be equipped to suit a variety of special jobs and purposes.

The machine is constructed of steel with sieveboat of laminated wood.


  • Inlet with feed roll with variable speed from eccentric shaft.
  • Pre-aspiration chamber with auger.
  • Sieveboat with 1 short scalping screen layer 4° and distribution on 2 long sand screen layers 6°. All screens with rubber ball cleaning.
  • Final aspiration chamber with auger.
  • Built-on fan, fixed speed drive, and motors.
  UB-600/4 UB-1000/4 UB-1250/4 UB-1500/4
Motor, fan 3.00 kW 4.00 kW 4.00 kW 5.50 kW
Motor, sieveboat 1.10 kW 1.10 kW 1.50 kW 1.50 kW
Screen size L=800 mm x W 600 mm 1000 mm 1250 mm 1500 mm
Screen area 3.36 m2 5.60 m2 7.00 m2 8.40 m2
Estimated capacity on wheat 1.5 t/h 3.0 t/h 3.8 t/h 4.5 t/h