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Fine-Cleaner GSU


The GSU fine cleaner is a small allround machine very well suited for fine cleaning of grain and hard seed as well as small amounts of flower and garden seed

  • Estimated capacity on wheat is up to 0.8 t/h.
  • In standard construction, the GSU machines are delivered with the following features.
  • The feeding apparatus is fitted with feed roll.
  • The aspiration system consists of pre-aspiration and final aspiration.
  • The screen system consists of one sieveboat with three screen layers with fixed screen inclination.
  • There is optional scalping or sand for the 1st and 2nd screen layers; the 3rd screen layer is always sand
  • Each screen layer consists of 1 screen part and all screens are rubber ball cleaned.
  • The GSU has a screen size of 1000 x 600 mm and a total screen area of 1.8 m2 .
  • The machine has an integral fan with 3.0 kW motor and a 1.1 kW motor for the sieveboat.
  • The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat of laminated wood
Air quantity for standard fan at 100 mm WG after the machine
5,000 m3/h
Motor, standard fan
3 kW
Motor, speed drive
1.1 kW
Number of screens incl. ball frames 3 pcs
Number of balls in each ball frame 56 pcs
Screen size L=1000 mm x W
600 mm
Screen area
1.8 m2
Capacity * up to approx. 0.8 t/h