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Destoner DS

The Fowler Oliver Hi Cap Destoners can be used for separating any granular product where the particles are approximately the same size, but differs in weight. It efficiently removes a small amount of heavy material from a larger quantity of light material. The Basic principle involves flowing dry granular material over an inclined, vibrating and screen covered deck.

Air from pressure fans in the base is forced up through the deck. The uniform airflow vertically separates or stratifies the material, with lighter material in the upper strata flowing down the deck. Heavy particles such as stones, glass, metal etc., travel uphill and are discharges opposite the light material.

The Fowler Oliver Destoner is highly versatile, reliable machine with a proven design.

Technical Specification:
Technical DATAUOM2448 (Lab)48486048
Deck Size mm 610 x 1220 1220 x 1220 1525 x 1220
Fan Motor hp 3 5 7.5
Length of M/c mm 1524 1524 1524
Width of M/c mm 699 1308 1613
Height of M/c mm 1549 1549 1549
Capacity on Wheat TPH 0.45 - 0.90 1.80 - 3.20 3.60 - 6.80