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Post Harvesting Machines

Fowler Westrup manufactures a range of world-class processing machinery for Post-harvest agro processing machines in collaboration with WESTRUP A/S, Denmark and OLIVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC. USA. Versatile and proven around the world, Fowler Westrup process machinery is backed by a nationwide sales and service network.

Fowler Westrup process machinery is ideally suited for the processing, handling, sorting & storage of seeds, spices, grains, tea, coffee, pulses, all varieties of Ricei, edible oil & paddy. The company also provides turn-key solutions to all processing needs.

We offer free sample testing on our imported laboratory machines for establishing required cleaning and grading procedure and also for selection of equipment. Fowler Westrup’s Solutions are earmarked with characteristic efficiency, quality and reliability that have become the cornerstone of the products having led to continued association with business houses that we have served in India and Overseas markets. Its focus has always been to bring to customers the best of the solutions & technologies.


Galvanized Silo Storage System

Fowler Westrup’s Agricultural Division designs & manufactures complete Galvanized Silo Storage system & handling System for grains such as paddy, wheat and maize, pulses, oil seeds, cereals, rice and feed & poultry industry etc. Fowler Westrup is manufacturing, install & commission the Galvanized silos in technical collaboration with world leader in this field, Silos Cordoba, Spain, who having vast experience in this field, over 25 years. Silos manufactured with Galvanized Steel of high elastic tolerance and with Z 450 minimum coating equivalent to 450mg/m2 of zinc on both sides. Galvanized reinforced exteriors, regardless of thickness, that provide excellent anti-corrosion qualities. We are the leading grain silo manufacturers in India.

Fowler Westrup manufactures post-harvest agricultural processing machinery like pre-cleaner, fine cleaner and material handling equipment like bucket elevators, conveyors (chain, belt, screw) in technical collaboration with Westrup A/s Denmark, who is leading company in this field of cleaning, grading & handling of agricultural commodities.

Important features of the Galvanized Silo Storage System

  • Scientific method of storage for food grain i.e. first in and first out of grain.
  • No wastages of gunny bags, bulk grain storage.
  • Require less space compared with same capacity of Godown Storage.
  • Mechanized handling of grain, require less manpower hence handling cost is less.
  • No spillage, no wastage due to rodents, insects, birds etc.
  • Quality of the stored grain is maintained by aerating the bulk grain.

Oil filtration and regeneration system


The importance of good quality power makes it very important that all the equipments give their best performance. Transformers being a key equipment, it becomes imperative to maintain optimal insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gases and particulate contamination. Failing in this results in considerable decrease in its BREAK DOWN VOLTAGE, INSULATION RESISTANCE, and increase in DIELECRIC LOSS FACTOR, leading to breakdowns of transformers. Conditioning saves the cost of using new oil frequently and also increases the life of the transformer. Even commercial new oil is seldom sufficiently pure for direct use in high voltage equipment, being subject to contamination in transport containers and liable to absorb unacceptable contaminants and moisture.

Filtration Eliminates

  • Solid impurities
  • Dissolved water
  • Dissolved gases

Engineered to meet your needs

Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited takes pride in its ability to provide equipment specifically designed to meet customer requirements and specifications at reasonable cost.

Customer Service


Opto Electronic Color Sorter

Fowler Westrup is a global leader in providing solutions for Opto electronic color sorting solution to the food and grain processing industry and has been at the best of sorting technology since one decade.
Fowler Westrup SNAPSHOT sorter is an intelligent precise sorter obtained technology from UK’s leading optical sorting expert “RADIX SYSTEM LTD” to bring cutting edge technology for the best possible sorting performance and minimum product loss. The technology transfer is critical for emerging needs of food processing industry. The availability of technology and capability to harness the same for various applications for extremely efficient performance is where Fowler Westrup stands out.
Our state of the art color sorters will precisely sort for all commodities. The product basket carries Grain sorter such as Paddy sorter, Maize sorter & Wheat sorter, rice sorter for all variety of rice, Pulses sorter, Spices sorter, Seed sorter, Oil seed sorters such as sesame seed sorter, peanut sorter & sunflower seed sorter, Dry fruits & resins, all light weight products such Semolina sorter, Herbs sorter, Dehydrated product sorter, breakfast cereals sorter, multiple grain sorter and other food products as for any defects based on color. This will ensure absolute consistency and ultimate quality of your grains. No manual labor, no hassle of cleaning - just an automatic sorting technology that will ensure faster, better and more accurate sorting of your grains.


Rice: Raw, Steamed and Parboiled

Grains: Paddy, Maize, Wheat

Seeds: Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Tamarind Seeds, Coriender Seeds

Pulses: Black gram, Bengal gram, Moth Bean, Pigeon Pea (Toor Dal), Fried Gram, Black Beans, Green Pea, Black eyed pea, Sorghum, Soyabean

Spices: Pepper, Cardamom, Dehydrated Garlic, Cumin Seeds, Coriander, Fenugreek (Methi), Masturd

Dry fruits: Broken / Whole cashew nuts

Others: Millet- Bajra, Salt, Tea, Coffee, Rice Flakes (Poha), Sabudana (Sagu), Rajma, Peanut, Jowar, Sorghum

Features :

  • Very High resolution inspection (from 0.3mm onwards)
  • Long lasting and low power consuming LED lights
  • Snapshot processors for high precision sorting.
  • Fit & Forget operation
  • Precise rejection through high speed serviceable ejectors
  • Easy setup through interactive touchscreen
  • Best rejected ratio
  • Simultaneous removal of chalky rice without reduction in throughput.
  • 24x7 support
  • Excellent service network across India.

Technical Specification:

ModelMCR-721MCR-723MCR-724MCR-726MCR -727MCR-728MCR-7212
Channels 64 NO'S 192 NO’S 256 NO’S 380 NO’S 448 NO'S 512 NO’S 768 NO’S
Channel configuration 64 64+128 64+64+128 64+94+222 64+128+256 128+128+256 128+256+384
Up to 2 TPH
(without resorting)
Up to 4TPH
(Without double resorting)
Up to 4TPH Up to 7TPH Up to 8TPH Up to 8TPH Up to 12TPH
Final Rejects
Rice - Black, Tip defect, Dark Orange, Pale Yellow, Paddy Chalkey
Dal-Black, Brown, Green etc
Machine Dimension
( WxDxH )
in mm
Nett weight in Kgs 300 1400 1600 1900 2900 3000 4300

Note :

  • Capacity may vary according to the kind of materials, applications and input contamination
  • Higher capacity compressor may be necessary when the contamination is high
  • Specifications mentioned above can change as per our new developments

Rice Milling

Fowler Westrup manufactures a wide range of rice processing machines right from cleaners to husking & polishing, Opto electronic color sorters, Silo Storage systems and accessories to meet the requirements of the rice milling industry, apart from turnkey supply, installation and commissioning of rice mills in India and overseas.

Fowler Westrup which has pioneered world class cleaners at an affordable rate to the Indian Agricultural Processing industry has again brought in a world class product to change the Rice Milling scenario in the country with the collaboration of Japanese leaders M/s. Yamamoto Co. Ltd is bringing revolutionary product which will give the best yield with the lowest power consumption, thus contributing to the increase in margin for the miller. Fowler Westrup’s rice milling machineries are engineered to excellence to maximize yield of head rice, minimize product breakage and deliver reliable product quality. Fowler Westrup’s rice milling machinery is characterized by efficient power consumption and low maintenance costs, thereby reducing operating costs and maximizing profits for customers.

Following are some of the models which are readily available :

  • Destoner - CSP 502
  • Paddy Husker - YSA 100
  • Paddy Separator - SE 500
  • Abrasive Whitener - XPA 25
  • Abrasive Whitener - GPA 50
  • Friction polisher - XPF 50 and XPF 50 D
  • Grading Sifter - SF 301

Other models can be offered on request and after technical discussions.


Material handling equipment

Fowler Westrup’s Material Handling or Grain Handling Division is well equipped to cater the diverse needs of the post-harvest agro processing and food processing industry. The product basket comprising of Bucket elevator, chain conveyors, screw conveyors and belt conveyors assure the customer efficient and gentle conveyance of their products. The Grain conveying system widely used in rice processing plant, pulses processing plants, seed processing plants, bulk grain storage units, spices processing industry and many other post-harvest agro processing industries.

The new gen member, Z type bucket elevator, combines the vertical and horizontal conveyance to a single compact unit. Wide range of available handling capacities provides the customer a selective option.