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Opto Electronic Colour Sorter > MCA 722

Multi - Chromatic Electronic Sorter for removal of colour defects and contaminants

The SNAPSHOT MCA Range uses a rapid sequence of different colored lights to obtain ‘more than color information’ from the product. Often, even very similar colors can be differentiated. The infra-red capability improves detection of foreign bodies. The camera information is processed by an ultra-fast digital signal processor, and commands are sent to one or more ejectors to remove the unwanted item efficiently.

The MCA is specifically configured for efficient sorting of difficult to handle, lightweight products such as Semolina or sooji, green herbs or flakes, Dehydrated products. After being spread on a vibratory feeder, the product accelerates down a chute and is inspected by the 2048 pixel line-scan camera. Defects and contaminants are removed by short puffs of air from ejectors built into the feed system. The unique shape of the chute and configuration of ejectors ensure very high efficiency of defect removal and low wastage of good product.


Dehydrated Herbs, Chives, Coarse Powders, Semolina (Sooji)
Potato Flakes, Dry & Frozen Foods, Breakfast Cereals, Soya Granules, Chilli Flakes,
Dehydrated Onions, Psyllium Husk, Sugar & Other Light Weight Products

Benefits :

Natural materials contain impurities and less-than-perfect product. By removing discolouration and contamination, the quality and value of the finished product is increased, or lower grade raw material can be used. The customer will be rewarded with consistent quality product. Also food safety is enhanced by ensuring that foreign bodies and contamination are removed before it reaches the consumer. Added value all round.

Features :

More than Colour
  • Optical lighting in four bands from visible to infra red
  • Rapid LED lighting
  • Inspection in 2, 3 or 4 specific parts of the spectrum
  • High resolution cameras from 0.3 mm
  • Flexibility – Optional mono-chromatic Fluorescent lighting to suit product
Matching capabilities with budgets
  • 2 sizes: 672mm, 1344mm
  • Compact Footprint
  • Independent vibrator
  • Food grade Stainless Steel construction
Precise rejection
  • 64 or 128 fast ejectors. Can be configured to 128 or 256 ejectors for precise ejection
  • Minimum good product removal
Fit and forget
  • Easy setup with large touch screen
  • Facility to store and recall several programme modes for multiple products
  • Auto-calibration and self cleaning
  • Remote maintenance through modem connection

Technical Specification:

Model MCA - 724 MCA-722 MCA-721
Channels 256 No's 128 No’s 64 No’s
Up to 2TPH Up to 1TPH Up to 0.5 TPH
Final Rejects Removal of discolored Products : Rot, Skin, Brown, Yellow, Burn Etc.
Foreign body & contamination : Insects, wood, stone, plastic, leaves, shell etc.
Damaged products : Brocken, Squashed, burnt, bruised
Machine Dimension
( W x D x H ) in mm
4210 x 2160 x 1970 2480 x 2160 x 1970 1900 x 2160 x 1970
Net weight in Kg’s 2000 1100 600

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