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Fowler Westrup is happy to share that it has obtained the SONCAP Product Certificate (Licensed). The certification is obtained upon detailed evaluation of the product, including testing & satisfactory completion of audit of the factory by SGS India, one of the empanelled licensing authority from systems organisation of Nigeria.
This certification has been done with a view to ease imports of Fowler Westrup offerings in Nigeria, which will enhance the position of Fowler Westrup offerings with the existing and the potential buyers.
(To prevent the imports of substandard & unsafe products into Nigeria, all manufacturers & exporters must subject regulated goods to scrutiny against the standards and technical requirements of the standards organization of Nigeria) 

The Fowler Westrup Drum Pre-Cleaner is simple drum type rotating machine used for primary course cleaning at intake section of processing plant or silos in order to relieve the following machines & material handling equipment. The drum pre-cleaner separates coarse impurities such as paper, wood pieces, leaves, cobs, stones and long sticks etc.


Seeds: Soya, Ground Nuts, Maize & more..
Grains: Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Pulses & more..


Salient Features

  • Steel construction
  • Enclosed housing with inspection cover as well as assembly or servicing cover
  • Variable drum perfections based on customer requirements
  • Guide spiral inside the drum to convey the material to the outlet end
  • Scraper cleaning
  • Spout dust aspiration
  • Equipped with inlet spout and inlet channel

Technical Specification




DP 630

DP 950

Drum dimension


Ø 630 x 780

Ø 950 x 1080

Drum area

sq. m



Motor Power


0.5 (0.37)

0.75 (0.55)

Overall dimensions


1530 x 833 x 1117

1989 x 1200 x 1440

(on wheat basis)





Fowler Westrup Brushing/polishing machine can be used as the first step in the fine cleaning process of flower, vegetable and grass seeds. Machine is suitable to remove hairs, ears and wings from seeds, threshing seeds out of pods or flowers, splitting twin seeds, polish seed etc.


Seed Industry: Flower seeds, Vegetable seeds, Grains, Grass seeds, Spices & more..

Edible oil industry: Removing cake from the shell of seeds..

Research institutes: Treating small lot of expensive seeds..


  • Gentle processing
  • High capacity
  • Outstanding removal of skins
  • Compact design
  • trouble free cleaning
  • Cost effective

Special Features

  • Variable speed drive
  • Beaters (instead of brushes)
  • Outstanding removal of skins
  • End outlet with aspiration, built on fan, and cyclone.

Technical Specification


Machine Model
Length mm 1080 1680 1980 1980
width mm 700 625 1410 1585
Height mm 1385** 985 1835 2035
Mantle mm 400 800 1245 1245
No of brush Pcs 2 6 4 4
Net Weight kg 230 300 606 704
Capacity (on rye grass basis) TPH 0.2* 0.5 1 1.5
Power kW 1.55 3 5.5 7.5
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