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Pre-Cleaner SAC

SAC-800 / -1000 / -1250 / -1500

The SAC pre-cleaner is first and foremost designed to master pre-cleaning jobs at modern intake plants

  • Furthermore it is also ideally suited to dress malting barley and milling grain to the highest quality commercial sample at a reduced throughput.
  • In standard construction, the SI machines are delivered with the following features.
  • The machine is fitted with feeding apparatus with feed roll and Ø 550 mm straw drum.
  • The aspiration system consists of pre-aspiration and final aspiration.
  • The screen system consists of two parallel working sieveboats each with 1 scalping screen layer and 1 grading/sand screen layer.
  • Each screen layer consists of 2 screen parts.
  • All screens are rubber ball cleaned.
  • The machine has an integral fan, fixed speed drive, and motors.
  • The machine is of steel construction with sieveboats of laminated wood.
SAC-1000 SAC-1250 SAC-1500
Motor, fan 3.00 kW 4.00 kW 4.00 kW 5.50 kW
Motor, sieveboat 1.10 kW 1.10 kW 1.50 kW 1.50 kW
Screen size L=1000 mm x W
800 mm
1000 mm 1250 mm 1500 mm
Screen area
5.60 m2
7.00 m2 8.75 m2 10.50 m2
Estimated capacity on wheat 20 t/h 30 t/h 40 t/h 50 t/h
Estimated fine cleaning capacity on wheat
3 t/h 4 t/h 6 t/h 7 t/h